Benefits of Becoming a Member of the TSVES:

  • Registration discount to the Annual Meeting
  • Notoriety in the fields of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (great for your CV!)
  • Mentorship match up (Trainees & Senior Surgeons)
  • Participation and access to Membership Contact List


Qualifications for membership in the organization shall be determined by the Board of Directors. After appropriate review of credentials, individual qualifications for membership shall ultimately be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Applicants can be from any state. The five categories of membership will be (1) Active, (2) Allied Health, (3) Candidate, (4) Affiliate, (5) and Honorary.


Active Membership ($75)

Active membership may be requested by qualified surgeons who are

(1)  post graduate training in vascular surgery in an ACGME approved training program or

(2) limit their practice primarily to vascular surgery.

Active membership requires payment of annual dues and grants full voting privileges.


Allied Health Membership ($25)

Is available to Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Society of Vascular Nursing members, Registered Vascular Technicians.  Dues are determined by the Board of Directors.


Candidate Membership ($0)

Is available for Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows who have an interest in Vascular Surgery.  No dues are required for membership and meeting dues are determined by the Board of Directors and voting privileges are not assigned to this group.


Affiliate Membership ($25)

(Formerly Corresponding) Other practitioners with a strong relationship with the Society and/or vascular disease and cases may apply for this membership category.  Dues are determined by the Board of Directors and voting privileges are not assigned to this group. Membership may be requested by former active members who have retired from practice or moved to a distant geographic location and no longer participate in the business of the society. Affiliate membership requires no meeting attendance and does not grant voting status.


Honorary Membership ($0)

Honorary membership may be granted to other qualified surgeons or distinguished friends of the society by the Board of Directors or the voting membership. Honorary members are not required to pay dues or attend annual meetings and do not have voting privileges.